Friday, July 8, 2011

Flight Updates

An interview was conducted with a British passenger who was denied boarding on the German Lufthansa flight destination Tel Aviv.

Cynthia Beatt, a mother of two, a researcher and a movie director, is infuriated not only due to the fact that she was denied the right to travel, but also because of the lack of explanation that she was offered. Beatt explained that she received a simple phone call from Lufthansa informing her that they will not be able to carry her on the flight due to Israeli authorities ‘ order. No further explanation was given regarding the allegations that have been placed against her.

The flight from Frankfurt has not took off yet due to claimed technical difficulties. The plane has been on the runway for approximately 4 hours.

On a happier note, two passengers from Paris, France have arrived safely to Bethlehem. They however did not board on the same flight as the rest of the group and did not inform the border police that they will not be visiting the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Welcome to Palestine Initiative looks forward to show their visitors the Palestinian hospitality, and we hope that Cynthia Beatt and all the passengers who were deprived from the visit to one day be able to join us.

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