Friday, July 8, 2011

Press Release - Updated Status

Peaceful protests are happening in Paris airport after participants of the Welcome to Palestine Campaign were forbidden to board the Lufthansa-flight. Lufthansa’s spokesperson confirmed that the airline will reimburse travelers. However, participants of the Welcome to Palestine-campaign that were planning to take the Alitalia-flight from Charles de Gaulle-airport in Paris were not reimbursed. Most of the French participants were denied entrance onto the flight because of Israeli instructions. A blacklist was set up by the Israeli government with passengers that were perceived to form a threat to Israeli security. These instructions were handed out to the airlines in the past few days. Because of the reasons mentioned above, a peaceful sit-in is happening at CDG airport.

In Brussels travelers were denied reimbursement as well. In Geneva travelers only got cash money back from the airline company. This afternoon there will be a demonstration in front of UN Headquarters in Geneva to make a statement regarding these measures.

At Ben Gourion-airport there was question of a situation of chaos and unrest as some protesters raised a Palestinian flag and started screaming. They were violently attacked by the police and arrested. Unrest is not over yet as police and people at the airport are showing more aggressive behaviour towards the protesters and tensions rise.

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