Sunday, July 10, 2011


The internationale League for Human Rights remonstrates forcefully against the arrest of numerous participants in the project „Welcome to Palestine“ at the Ben Gurion airport, among them the member of the Liga Martin Forberg.

The League arrogates the immediate release of all who are concerned and the freedom of travel during their transit through Israel, so they can follow their invitations to the occupied territories of the Westbank.
The League objects also to the practice of some European airlines, denying - contrary to contracts - boarding to passengers at European airports, obeying to instructions from the Israeli government and  being provided with lists of names and so hindered them to fly to Tel Aviv. This violates passengers rights granted in the transport contracts.

The arrested and rejected representatives of NGOs had, as well as many private persons, followed invitations of palestinian NGOs, syndicates and  associations from the Westbank and East-Jerusalem. Within the week from 8th to 16th July the historical judgement pronounced by the International Court in The Hague on 9th of July 2004, that condemned the construction of the wall as officially contrary to public international law should have been remembered in gatherings, peaceful manifestations and cultural events to raise attention to this judgement that has been ignored by responable politicians ever since. The construction oft he wall cutting through the occupied Westbank is still being continued. Fort he Palestinian population living there the on-going construction of this seperation-wall as an continual, inhumane existence threatening harassement which is not longer acceptable. For the international community it is an inacceptable violation of existant international law.
The executive board of the League declares:

It cannot be accepted that the government of Israel in alliance with political responsibles in member-states of the EU intermits basic rights such as freedom of movement, assembly and of speech, granted in the civil pact,  because of baseless suspicions.
            Obviously the Israeli blockade reaches now that far – just as if the German government was Netanyahu’s vassall – even to the Federal Republic of Germany, to Franfurt am Main.

The executive board of the League demands:
 from the Israeli government, to immediately release those, who were invited by palestinians tot he occupied territories and not to hindert hem any longer from transitting Israel. The arrested have to be provided with legal aid at once! -       from the German government and other member states of the EU (among them France, Austria and Italy) who participated directly or indirectly in the law-braking actions, that they without hesitating fulfil their legal obligations as they agreed to do so by signing the civil pact and the constitution of the EU:
The civil and political rights have to be defended all over the world.

There has to come an end to those politics of double standards. The Human Rights are universal and therefore also and especially for the people of  Palestine to be applied.

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