Saturday, July 9, 2011

UPDATE: Letter from people that started hunger strike in Bir el-saba' prison

Be'er Sheva 9 July 2011

1) Immediate and unconditional freedom to travel to Palestine and take part in the activities of “Welcome to Palestine”

2) Immediate and free access to the other groups of the initiative

3) Access to international communication so that we can directly inform our families and friends

4) The European states have to defend the interests of their citizens and their humanitarian and political rights – especially the right of free movement

5) An independent investigation of the attitudes and the practices of the European airlines

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  1. You guys on the Flotilla & Flytilla are the bravest of the brave, I never knew such an outpouring of love for our brothers & sisters who are so brutally oppressed. I hope everyone reading this will support YOUR BRAVE ACTIONS by Boycotting ALL ISraeli Goods, until they Open Gaza, Free all Illegally Occupied Lands and allow a full right of return to ALL the people of 48 & 67 Palestine. AND PAY THE BILLIONS they owe in COMPENSATION.