Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Press Release: Unprecedented court ruling states that Israeli Ministry of Interior has “overstepped its authority by preventing passage to Palestine” – Sylvia Hale and Vivienne Porzsolt to be released imminently

Sylvia Hale, a 69 year old former Australian parliament member and former councillor of Marrickville, was releasedafter having been arrested and detained by the Ministry of Interior yesterday for stating her intent to travel to Palestine. Along with Hale, Vivienne Porzsolt, a 69 year old New Zealand spokesperson for Jews Against  Occupation in Australia, was also ordered released. Alison Barnes, Sylvia's daughter, said she cannot wait to speak with her mother: "I am overwhelmed, so thrilled and excited."

Omer Shatz, the attorney representing both women, stated that the order of release is a landmark precedent-setting case that will ease travel challenges to Palestine. The court accepted the position that the Ministry of Interior had overstepped its authority by preventing passage to Palestine, finding that the MOI had no authority to deny internationals entry to Palestine and that internationals should not be forced to lie about their intention to travel to the West Bank. Mr. Shatz stated that "this is the first time that a deportation challenge has been presented to the Court and won. It is a landmark decision and one that holds precedent for all future cases."

Tomorrow morning at 9am, Angelica Seyfrid of Germany,  another detained participant of "Welcome to Palestine," will go before the court to challenge her deportation. Considering the clear ruling issued today, Mr. Shatz, who is also representing Ms. Seyfrid, expects another order of release.

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