Monday, July 11, 2011

Resisting Deportation

For the people that are being illegally detained in Israeli incarceration facilities, it is primordial to refuse being deported for the following reasons:
a.       There is no legal reason for the initial incarceration;
b.      There has been no justification for the denial of entry through Lod (ben Gurion) Airport;
c.       If deportation is accepted, this will be normalized and create a precedent by which the Israeli Authorities are “permitted” to decide on who has the right or not to come visit Palestine;
d.      The “Welcome to Palestine” campaign came to challenge the discriminatory process applied by the Israeli Authorities in denying access to guests invited by Palestinians;
e.      Israel wants to be taken out of the spotlight in being exposed to the world opinion in the application of occupation. Resistance and challenge to these rules is very important in order to keep the issue alive;
f.        The complicity of airlines and foreign governments in exposing their nationals to risk, illegal incarceration and forced deportation is unacceptable and should be pressured towards a public explanation and justification.

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